Quick Guide To Finding The Right Bra For Your Daily Need

Different Types of Bras You Need to Know About

Different Types of Bras You Need to Know About

Our nemesis and our best friend, bras. The feeling of taking off your bra before going to sleep after a long day is truly one of the best but so is the feeling when you find the perfect bra to make your amazing outfit complete. 

It is necessary to own different types of bras that all fit you well to have the right posture and straps that don’t dig into your skin. 

Find the best bra to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Confused between a wired or non-wired? Can’t decide which bra looks best with your outfit? Wondering which bras can give you the lift and support you want? 

Let me make it easy for you to choose from different types of bra. Let’s explore the various types of bras and how they might fit you.

1) Balconette

With straps set wide apart and short cups set wide apart, this bra mimics the appearance of a balcony. This bra can stay hidden under the widest of necks and provides a gentle lift. It is best for smaller, rounded breasts as larger breasts can spill over the balconette’s short cups. Amongst the different types of bra varieties, balconette is well suited to be worn under deep neck dresses.

2) Bandeau


From amongst different types of bra, if you are looking for one that has no straps, hooks, padding or cups, then bandeau is what you are looking for. The structure is similar to a tube top and you can easily just slip it on.  It doesn’t provide much support but is ideal for a comfy and casual feel.

3) Beginner's Bra

Beginner's Bra
Puberty is a time of drastic changes and it is scary. We’ve all been there. During such a time, it is difficult to choose amongst different types of bra. Wearing a full time bra can be an intimidating task so it is important for teenage girls to be eased into this new process. Excellent for all day comfort, beginner’s bras are non padded and non wired. Free of hooks or clasps, they can easily be slipped over the head. Slide into girlhood with Lacely’s beginner bra!

4) Bralette

Bralettes have been in vogue as both innerwear and outerwear. You’ve probably come across many models donning these while scrolling through Instagram. These strappy bras usually don’t have underwires, padding, or cups but have an extra length of fabric that extends below the breasts. Different types of bra and bralettes come in beautiful, lacy material. Buy yours at Lacely and wear it wherever, whenever.

5) Cage Bra

Cage Bra
If you got it, flaunt it! These stylized bras have a multiple-strap design that gives an elegant look. The multiple strap design is not just for show, it provides a lot of support as well. Pair it up with outfits that have a low cut or sheer back design for a sexy, confident look. If you own different types of bra, this is one that is absolutely essential for your wardrobe.

6) Convertible Bra

Convertible Bra
You have seen a lot of different types of bra but convertibles are the real all in one package. You can play around with the straps of your convertible bra to convert it to racerback, halter, strapless or whichever style you want. The versatility of this bra is like no other and can benefit women of any breast size or shape. They can also help in cutting costs as you can use a single bra for a variety of looks.

7) Full Coverage Bra

Full Coverage Bra
Full bust coverage, zero spillage and maximum support are not different types of bras, they are one and the same. These bras are excellent for everyday wear- especially for bustier women.  It can also help even out breasts that are asymmetrical or far apart. Go about your day without worrying about your breasts jiggling or spilling over.

8) Maternity Bra

Maternity Bra
Maternity is like puberty all over again. It’s just drastic changes thrown at you, one by one or all at once. Maternity is no time to experiment with different types of bra, it is time to select the best maternity bra. These bras are designed for ultimate support & flexibility. Most have adjustable straps, extra band hooks, and flexible material to keep supporting you through size fluctuations & soreness.

9) Minimizer Bra

Minimizer Bra
By redistributing your breast volume, the minimizer bra can make your breasts appear smaller. Different types of bras have tried to do this but minimizer bras work best for the purpose. This can be helpful in several situations such as when you’re wearing a form fitting dress and you don’t want to accentuate your bust. They also provide the added benefit of extra support and shaping for a proportionate look.

10) Non-Padded Bra

Non-Padded Bra
As the name suggests, a non-padded bra is a bra that doesn't have padding added to the cups. From amongst different types of bra, this is the most versatile bra and can work for different sizes and shapes. Great for everyday wear, they make your breasts look true to their size. If you find that padded bras accentuate your breasts too much, you may prefer non-padded bras.

11) Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra
Nursing bras and maternity bras are two totally different types of bras. While a maternity bra is for wear during and after pregnancy, a nursing bra should be used after the birth of your child. They have features like removable flaps for easy breastfeeding. These are also designed to fully support the dynamic nature of breasts after pregnancy and give good coverage as well.

12) Padded Bra

Padded Bra
A necessity in a woman’s wardrobe, a padded bra has different types of material added to the cups to help breasts look fuller, provide support and prevent nipples from showing through an outfit. They come in a variety of colors and there are different types of padded bras to suit your needs and body. If you want to know more about the benefits of owning a padded bra, check out this blog on our website. It talks about the reasons for owning different types of bras that have pads included inside their cups.

13) Plunge Bra

Plunge Bra
Do you want to rock that new V-cut top you bought but don’t want different types of bra to to peek through and ruin your outfit? The solution is simple: A plunge bra.  It disappears under low necklines, while giving a fuller appearance to the bust and cleavage. This bra covers the nipples and bottom of your breast while leaving your cleavage bare. With a deep center and cups that cut away on the sides, they easily mold to the shape of the breasts and provide full support.

14) Push-up Bra

Push-up Bra
One of the most popular bra types amongst different types of bra, a push-up bra gives your breasts the lift they need and leads to a confident and curvier look. These also come in different types such as wired or non-wired, demi or full-coverage and many others! They are padded on the under-side of the cups with either silicone gel or foam to lift up the breast tissue, and come in 3 different levels of push-up: gentle, moderate and explosive. A woman simply can’t do without one.

15) Racerback Bra

Racerback Bra
The racerback bra has straps that crisscross or converge between the shoulder blades. This bra was designed to prevent straps peeking out from racerback tank tops or dresses. The most popular style of racerback bras is the sports bra, mainly because the racerback design distributes the weight of your breasts across your back, lending lots of support. This is one of our favorite varieties amongst different types of bras.

16) Sports Bra

Sports Bra
A sports bra is your most important supporter during any sort of physical activity. It is designed to keep your breasts from bouncing around during movement. Appreciated by most women, they are not only used for exercising but also by women with jobs that require a lot of moving around. There are many different types of bras available in the market today: padded sports bras, compression or encapsulation, pull-over or back-clasp sports bras, etc. Compression bras are more suitable for smaller breasts & encapsulation bras are suitable for bigger breasts.

17) Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra
For clothing that shows off your shoulders, strapless bras are one of the most common choices.  They function just like a regular bra, wrapping around your bust, but without the additional support of straps that usually come with different types of bra. The two cups of the strapless Bra are held in place by a strong, wired under-band instead. Flaunt that gorgeous neckline by purchasing a pretty and comfortable strapless bra at Lacely.

18) T-shirt Bra

T-shirt Bra
Designed for a seamless look, a T-shirt bra becomes invisible underneath your body-hugging outfits. They’re made with your comfort in mind and support your bust gently. Simple and sexy, they are an essential part of your wardrobe that contains different types of bra.

Now that we have given you insight into the different types of bras that exist, while providing you with vital information about them such as support, coverage, suitability etc., it is time for you to reflect and shop from our collections. 

Lacely has a vast collection of different types of bras with unique styles, shapes, colors and designs to help you look like the confident queen you are. 

It is also very important for you to wear the right size of bra and lacely has the ultimate guide for that. We’re here so that you’re comfortable and happy in our lingerie.

We hope this was insightful and that now you know what you have to buy when you shop at Lacely.  We have amazing discounts so don't wait and shop now!

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