An Ideal Guide For The Right Panty Size

An Ideal Guide For The Right Panty Size

An Ideal Guide For The Right Panty Size

At some point in our lives, there has been a moment when we're unable to endure the wait of throwing our pants across the room just so that we can adjust our panties. The twitching and rubbing of the fabric in all the wrong places may get too much to bear. To add to the pain, that dreaded, uneasy feeling keeps us self-conscious throughout the day. 

Most likely, this is because of an incorrect panty size. We can be quick to dismiss our comfort for fashion. However, there are a few unspoken rules that women must follow to ensure good physical health. 

For example, did you know that certain fabrics are healthier for your intimate area? And those ill-fitted panties can cause serious infections in the intimate area?

Relieve yourself of the misery and let us help you to find your ideal panty size by using the panty guide that Lacely’s expert designers have curated so that you can feel comfortable while looking fashionable!

Signs that you’re wearing an incorrect panty size

Although you may be quick to dismiss them, there are a couple of warning signs that your panties don’t fit you as they used to. Following is a checklist that Lacely has put up that will prove that your panty size is probably different than it used to be.

  • The fabric distends at the crotch or hoists at the back;
  • It is noticeable over any lower you wear;
  • The waistband or leg openings produce rashes on your inner thighs and hip;
  • You can spot a lot of creases which restricts your leg movement;
  • It digs into your skin;
  • Your underwear gets stuck between the butt cheeks;
  • The waistband keeps riding up or down;
  • Your stomach bulges out of the waistline.

According to Lacely’s experts, your underwear should lie flat against your waistline and simultaneously, support your back. The fabric should feel comfortable, hence making your movement seem effortless and confident.

Why is knowing the right panty size important?



  • Underwear is an essential garment, especially for women. It helps prevent various infects and ensures good hygiene. Most Indian women wear the wrong sized underwear because they don't know the repercussions of wearing an ill-fitted pair of panties.
  • Well-fitted underwear helps enhance your curves, complements your movement and helps you feel confident throughout the day! But these aren't the only reasons why you should invest in a good pair of panties.
  • When a woman does not wear a panty that fits her properly, it not only contributes to skin infection and additional irritation around the crotch but also increases the risk of yeast infection, bacterial infection and heartburn caused by acid reflux as a consequence of tight underwear. The tighter underwear you wear, the less scope it is for air circulation. This is a significant reason behind Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). 
  • These are of the few consequences which tag along with wearing ill-fitted underwear. Choose your next underwear wisely with Lacely, where we ensure that every garment is designed keeping your health and needs in mind.

How to get your ideal panty size?

Ideal Panty Size

Following is a step-by-step guide for you to follow so that you can get your ideal panty size and do your best throughout the day! All you will need is a measurement tape and Lacely’s table!

Step 1: Measure your hips

Measuring Hips

Align the measurement tape with the fullest part of your hip, ensure that the strip is wrapped snugly around your hip. Try bending side-ways and forward so that the underwear does not ride down. Doing this will guarantee you that the waistband of your panty does not roll, dig or bunch up against your skin.

Step 2: Measure your waist

Measuring Waist

Wrap the tape slightly below your waist (where you usually wear your pants) and breathe out while doing so as it will ascertain you that the leg openings of the panty are evenly arched and doesn’t irritate the crotch.

Step 3: Determine your size


Use the measurements to determine your size by comparing your measurements with Lacely's Panty Size Part. If you fall under between two categories, we would recommend going for the larger size.



Panty Size










































Points to keep in mind

  • Buy panties which are made with natural fabrics like cotton. Cotton is breathable and an absorbent which helps maintain a healthy pH level; which can help prevent yeast infection. A synthetic material such as nylon, don't allow the area to breathe, instead, they trap the heat and moisture which creates a breeding ground for multiple infections.
  • Try changing your underwear once, or twice a day; this can help prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Consider skipping wearing underwear at night to air out the moisture, and when working out to avoid sweat build-up.
  • Wash your underwear separately with hypoallergenic soap and soak in warm water afterwards; this will prevent itching, irritation and allergic reactions in the future.
  • It is best to replace your underwear every year or buy high-quality underwear (available on Lacely)' this is to limit the risk of bacterial infections that the water contains.

Underwear styles and when to wear them

1) Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

This underwear is essentially a more feminine version of boxer briefs, making it provide exceptional comfort and full rear coverage. It is worn under skirts and dresses as it is seamless.

2) Briefs


These are what you usually buy a pack of three to five of. These are the most used underwear and can be worn under anything as long the apparel is not figure-hugging.

3) Hipster

Hipster Panty

They rest at the lower end of your hip and provide fuller coverage on the sides. They should technically be worn under jeans or pants, but like briefs, they go along any other types of lowers.

4) French cut

French Cut Panty

They are high leg panties; this makes them better at circulating air and perfect match to go along with high waisted jeans and pants. 

5) Thongs

Thongs Panty

These are considered to be a sexy yet most useful type of panty. They are comfortable if the right panty size is worn. They don't create bumps, ride up or show any embarrassing panty lines under clothing and therefore, are most useful when wearing a bodycon dress, jeans, skirts, etc.

6) Laser-cut

Laser Cut Panty

Laser cut panties are typically worn to avoid visible panty lines and a comfortable substitute for thongs to wear under bodycon dresses or skirts.

7) Bikini


They are a combination of thongs and briefs. They have a high leg cut and offer the necessary coverage with a snug waistband around the hip. Hence, can be worn under any outfit.

8) G-string

G-String Panty

These panties are a type of thong. They provide little or next to no coverage. They have thin waistbands and provide coverage only at the front end. They take a little time getting used to but are your only rescue when wearing swimsuits, shorts, or mini-skirts.

9) Period

Period Panty

They are specially designed for your monthly cycle. They have darker colors to avoid staining your clothes. You can be assured that these will help maintain your comfort during your cycle.

10) Control Briefs

Control Briefs

These are what some call tummy-tuckers, they help smoothen out your bulge lines or muffin-top. They are high-waisted and have a thick band of elastic.

11) Seamless

Seamless Panty

These are the holy grail of underwear. Unlike other panties, they don't have stitches on them and are made of synthetic fabric. 

12) Brazillian

Brazillian Panty

They are a blend of hipster panties and thongs. They are perfect to carry along on a vacation, they can be worn under shorts and sarongs, and may be used as swimming bikini bottoms.

You will be happy to know that all of these types of underwear are available at Lacely with a range of sizes for you to select. You can find a variety of different colors, styles of panties, and more.


  • Lacely hopes that this article was able to solve your dilemma and you were able to learn more about what’s best for your health and hygiene. Your panty has direct and foremost contact with your body, and therefore, you must pick them wisely.
  • We ensure that you will find only the top quality fabrics at Lacely at standard Indian women’s sizes for your convenience. We hope to hear more from you under Lacely's feedback section.


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