A Guide to Essential Underwear for Women

A Guide to Essential Underwear for Women

A Guide to Essential Underwear for Women

It is believed that until the advent of the Victorian era, it was rare for women to wear any underwear at all! This all changed when “drawers” came into existence. A longer form of underwear that covers the legs. Drawers were a hit among every woman – even Queen Victoria!

With time, various kinds of underwear for women came into existence along with the growing acceptance of these kinds all around. Underwear became more tight-fitting and sexy, with bikini briefs and G-strings all becoming popular. 

Girls, it’s high time we accept the fact that we do not talk enough about underwear. Proof? Did you know that even a wrong pair of underwear during exercise can increase the risk of infections? We’re not over-exaggerating when we say that underwear is probably one of the most important things in your wardrobe.

Finding the most appropriate type of underwear for women to pair with their outfits is definitely a task! Innerwear is just as important as outerwear. The types of underwear for women can be classified into various segments and can literally make or break the entire look and feel of our outerwear.

One type simply can’t suit every occasion. We choose our bras according to the outfit we wear, right? Then why don't we do the same with our underwear? 

Out of the wide variety of types of underwear for women available here’s a list and ultimate guide for you to know what exactly your wardrobe must consist of and also understand the different types of underwear for women.

After reading this, I promise that you will never hesitate when it comes to choosing the ideal underwear for any outfit or occasion.

Types Of Underwear For Women

1) Boy-shorts

Lacely Boy-shorts

Somewhere between underwear and loungewear.

As the name suggests, boyshorts are inspired by men’s briefs or what we call ‘men’s boxers’. They are very similar to shorts but act like panties. They are great for everyday use.

A very modest style, they offer full coverage at the front as well as the back. They are very functional and the perfect type of underwear for women who prefer wearing skirts and flared dresses. 

Best for - Loungewear And Flashing-Prone Outfits.

2) Hipster

Lacely Hipster Panty

Hip hugging, low-rise.

A hipster panty gives almost the same back coverage offered by full briefs, with the comfort of boyshorts and the low waistline of bikinis, creating innerwear that is ideal for daily wear. These are what you usually buy a pack of three to five of.

They are ideal to wear under jeans or pants, but they go along with any other types of lowers. They are every girl’s go-to underwear and one of the reasons is their versatility.

They come in a variety of colors, shapes and suit every size. One of the best parts about hipster panties is that they are available in a variety of waist styles. For ex: if you have a bulging tummy, you can opt for high waist hipsters that conceal your belly fat, enhancing your appearance. 

These hipster panties are also a great option if you want to get through periods hassle free, thanks to their excellent coverage. These types of underwear for women are considered to be a life savior!

Best for - Low-rise bottoms.

3) Mid-waist

Lacely Mid-Waist Panty

Navel-Grazing rise.

With more coverage than a hipster, but less than a high brief, mid-rise bottoms barely graze your navel for a comfortable, mid-coverage fit. 

Low-rise jeans are trending this year, and mid-waist panties are no doubt the best option to wear underneath low or mid-waist jeans. These will complement your curves and provide you with the support that you need. 

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can always find one which matches your outfit at Lacely

Best for - Mid-rise pants and skirts.

4) Thongs

Lacely Thongs Panty

Zero coverage, zero panty line.

It’s happening again. You buy that sexy, body-hugging dress but don’t wear it because your panty lines are poking through. There’s an easy solution to your problem. Wear a thong. 

Stylishly invisible, they’re sexy while doing their job too. With zero coverage on your butt and minimal coverage on your hips, a thong provides a seamless look. Now go buy one right now and let that silhouette shine! 

Best for - Underneath tight dresses and fitted pants.

5) Bikini

Lacely Bikini

High cut leg, high coverage back.

Bikini style of panty offers more coverage than a thong, but not as much as a pair of hipsters. The fabric of the side section is narrower and has leg openings that are cut above the thigh. It is one of the most common styles worn by women. Comfortable but super sexy, these can also be worn on a daily basis.  These are the perfect panties if you want to get decent coverage without compromising on style. 

Best for - Jeans, skirts, dresses etc.


Lacely Underwear

Congratulations! You’re now skilled at knowing what are the various types of underwear for women and what to pair it with. There are a few other types in the market as well, however the styles that we have told you about are the ones that are absolutely essential for your wardrobe. 

Lacely has different types of underwear for women for each and every occasion. An intensive day at the gym, a night of partying, an important client meeting, a windy day during the summer, lunch with friends, or date night with your significant other, Lacely has you covered. We also have fun designs like no other on the market and we can guarantee that you will love them when you have a look.

One more thing before you go buy some amazing underwear from our website, we also have an ideal guide for you to understand the right panty size for you. There should be no compromise on comfort and Lacely makes sure of that by providing you with all the resources that you need- comfortable underwear, insightful guides and a diverse collection to choose from. What else could you ask for?

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