7 Work-From-Home Comfy Outfits

7 Work-From-Home Comfy Outfits

7 Work-From-Home Comfy Outfits

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a 180° turn in all of our lives. Everything has changed; from the way we eat, the way we dress, to the way we work. All of us have had to cope with several changes. 

One of the changes is working from home and dressing accordingly. From jammies to hoodies, we wear everything and anything to make us feel comfortable enough and still do our work mindfully.

To keep our head above water, it is important to feel beautiful once in a while and dressing up in cute pyjama sets has never harmed anyone, so why not?

Check out all the pyjama sets for women that Lacely has carefully planned for a whole week and let us know what you think!

7 Outfits for 7 days of a week!

1) No Motivation Monday

Lacely’s Coffee Mug Printed T-shirt and Pyjama for Women

Monday is arguably the worst day of the week. After a relaxing weekend, it’s hard to get your focus back on work. All we want is our oh-so-beloved coffee to keep us from looking like zombies and to get on with our work! 

Wouldn’t you love it if your pj’s were portraying your mood for the day? Presenting to you Lacely’s Coffee Mug Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women! Make the best out of your Monday with this pyjama set for women!

2) Tedious Tuesday

Lacely’s Leaves Printed Shirt and Pyjamas for Women


Tuesdays are as dull as Mondays, if not more. There is tones of work on all of our plates and we can’t wait for the weekend to arrive soon. 

This is the time we want things to be light and breezy, to just flow smoothly; when we can’t wait to take a walk in the park. This is why we have picked out this amazing outfit from Lacely’s inventory.

You are what you wear, right? Let’s take a look at Lacely’s Leaves Printed Shirt and Pyjamas for Women. These jammies are semi-formal with a button-up shirt. It is made of breathable fabric so that you can feel refreshed at all times!

3) Wittiest Wednesday

Lacely’s Cookie Printed T-shirt and Pyjama for Women

Wednesdays are fun; this when things start to look up and fall back in place. We begin to refocus on our work and most of all, we are grateful that the hard part of the week is over. By this time, we are done with our last week’s pending work and begin to interact with other co-workers.

It brings a whole lot of comfort to be around people who may feel the same way and empathize with your condition. You might get comfortable enough to even crack a joke or two and enjoy your lunch break with your co-workers.

We love to see your wit and happy faces. For Wednesdays, we thought comfort food should be blended with a hint of savagery to give the quirky pyjama set for women.

Introducing Lacely’s all-new Cookie Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women!

4) Trendy Thursday

Lacely's Savage Cat Printed T-shirt and Striped Pyjama for Women

Thursdays are when we are gearing up for the weekend, the week is about to end and so is our misery. We’re just pushing through.

I’m extremely proud of you for making it this far. So as a treat to yourself, dressing up trendy and fashionable is expected!

We, at Lacely, adore cats and if it were up to me, cats would be on every garment! Now, pair up the savage nature of cats with stripes which is guaranteed to look great on you. 

This pyjama set for women is super trendy and chic! Click at Savage Cat Printed T-shirt and Striped Pyjamas for Women to view the details of this pick for Trendy Thursdays!

5) Fizzy Friday

Lacely's Cute Cat Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women

Ah, the time of the week when we’re all bubbling with energy! Why not? It’s almost the weekend! For most of us, it's the last working day of the week, and if you have to work on Saturdays… just hang in there, buddy.

Like I said, we, at Lacely, love cats! So, it’s only fair if we include just one more cat-themed Pj’s. For Fizzy Friday, who better to represent our energy than cats?! 

Check out this Lacely's Cute Cat Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women available exclusively on Lacely!

 6) Sparkly Saturday

Lacely's Stars Printed T-shirts and Pyjamas for women

Yay! You made it! It's the weekend! From here, you have two options: either you’ll sleep your butts off or you’ll party the night away! 

Either way, we have just the pyjama set for you. It will not only make you sparkle with all the stars printed on it, but you’ll also fall in love with the comfort it offers!

Get ready for a night to remember with Lacely's Stars Printed T-shirts and Pyjamas for women! 

7) Semisweet Sunday

Lacely's Donut Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women

Now, even if you work on Saturdays, you will most definitely have a day-off on Sunday. On this day, you’re most likely to catch up on your chores, have a nice dinner with your family, hang out with your friends, sleep or prepare for a dreaded Monday. Sundays carry bitter-sweet memories for different individuals. 

However, it’s important to focus on the good part. What better way to represent the sweet and good part of the day than this Donut Printed T-shirt and Pyjamas for Women. It also depicts all of our moods for Sunday: Donut Disturb!


On any day of the week, you deserve to feel like a queen that you are! We hope that you loved our weekly collection, and it was able to help you pick out those comfy-comfy outfits that will make you shine bright!

These bunch of carefully picked nightwear were just a few of the gorgeous jammies that Lacely has to offer. If you loved these, check out Lacely's fantabulous collection which is guaranteed to brighten your day! Buy a gift for yourself and your girls, and see their hearts swell up! In such difficult times, it's important to sprinkle your sparkle and make people's day!


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