5 Best Lingerie Gifts To Give Her This Christmas

5 Best Lingerie Gifts To Give Her This Christmas

5 Best Lingerie Gifts To Give Her This Christmas


December is arguably the most festive season of the year.  It begins with Christmas and finally ends with New Year’s Eve. Along with this, December is also the ‘wedding season’ in India. The entire month is filled with shopping for our loved ones. With all the festivities going around, one thing that women wear remains consistent: her lingerie.

If this year, you want to surprise your partner with a thoughtful yet intimate gift, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll be able to find a range of different types of lingerie and even though, you might know little to nothing about it, we’ll help you guide your way.

Let your significant other know how much you mean to them by using this guide and sneak a little naughty gift for her. We promise your Christmas gift for her won’t land you in the naughty list. ;)

Merriest Christmas from Lacely

Lacely Logo

  • Lacely is an intimate wear brand which believes that beauty begins underneath. The label is crafted with a perfect balance of trends and designs to complement your unique style. The brand believes that beauty is an inside job as much as an outside one. 
  • Lacely, as a brand, has put together an exquisite combination of comfort, passion and lots of laces! Their exclusive designs are made by keeping you in mind. Their products are a fusion of chic and modern styles that will make you fall in love. They curate trendy and high-end finishes to make every Indian woman's experience affordable yet fashionable. 
  • Lacely's aspires to be your one-stop solution for all your intimate wear. Their lingerie, loungewear, shapewear, and sleepwear collections are developed to accentuate your inner beauty. 
  • “You are truly exquisite, amazing, and beautiful and we want to remind you of that every day!”

5 different types of lingerie for your or your partner

Lingerie doesn’t necessarily mean bras and panty, it includes nightwear, robes, loungewear and so much more. Read ahead to find out more!

1) Classic Bra & Panty Set

Classic Bra & Panty Set Lingerie

Surprise your loved one with a pair of lacy lingerie as this year’s Christmas gift! Find a range of colors on Lacely such as red, white and green which screams Christmas spirit. A gift straight from the North Pole delivered with love from Santa. Buy her a Christmas gift that she deserves. It’s going to be a treat for her and you.

2) Cool Pyjamas

Cool Pyjamas Lingerie

Picture this: you’re scrolling down your Instagram page and you have all of these influencers in matching jammies with their partners. It’s guaranteed that your significant other would be craving that stay-in date outfit. Buy these cool pyjamas sets and more only from Lacely and ensure that your partner stays warm and cozy this Christmas! So, go ahead and snuggle up against your partner while the both of you binge-watch your favorite Christmas themed movies. 

3) Babydoll Set

Babydoll Set Lingerie

Live up to her luscious personality, grab a satin-lace babydoll lingerie from Lacely and set the vibe for her perfect Christmas. Lacely has a range of lingerie types available in all standard sizes, a cherry on the top is the amount of colors you can choose from! Babydoll sets are understated and audaciously sexy. Who said that lingerie is only a gift for her?

4) Nighties

Nighties Lingerie

If your girl is not into the traditional night suits, this is the perfect gift for her! These are sure to make her feel on top of the world, especially when you’ve put so much thought into it! Nighties give “comfy” a whole new meaning. Make this year’s Christmas something that she’ll never forget! Check out what Lacely has to offer!

5) Lingerie Robe

Lingerie Robe

You wished for it? We got it! Lacely has the most gorgeous lingerie sets created from the best designer available in the industry! If your partner already has a closet full of bras and panties, buy her a satin or lace lingerie robe! Lingerie robes are all about subtle sexiness and a smart Christmas gift choice! These robes add a nice little extra somethin’ somethin’ to her wardrobe which is guaranteed to make her feel like royalty. 


  • Christmas isn't just about giving gifts, it’s about the bond that you share with your partner and how you want to show your appreciation for everything that they do for you all year long.
  • You know your partner the best and we trust you to pick out the best gift according to her personality. Just put in your efforts and we’re sure that she’ll love it! Make sure that feels comfortable and she’ll come out looking flawless!
  • We hope Lacely’s guide helped you with picking out the perfect gift for your significant other and that we left you both wanting more and more! Lacely has a lot more lingerie for every occasion and all your moods. Click here to find out more!

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