10 Reasons Why A Woman Should Wear A Padded Bra

10 Reasons Why A Woman Should Wear A Padded Bra

10 Reasons Why A Woman Should Wear A Padded Bra

Bras were invented to provide support to breasts, but nowadays, it has transformed into high-end fashion. There are hundreds of bra types to choose from. However, the idea of adding padding to bras took the invention to the next level.

Padded bras not only enhance the appearance of the breasts and provide fullness to the bust line but also make your breathing tissue seem firmer and fuller. So if you are looking for larger, firmer and fuller breasts, padded bras are the way to go!

Lacely presents to you the benefits of wearing a padded bra and why you shouldn’t shy away from it.

Why should you pick padded bras on your next shopping trip?

1) The extra OOMPH!

Padded Bra

Padded bras enhance the size of the breasts. The best part is that the dial is in your hands! 

Some women choose bras with just minimal padding, opting for a fuller and more complete look, but some women may opt for more padding to give them the bust-lift they need to feel like the best version of themselves. 

Who can say no to extra volume? Irrespective of size and shape, padded bras can give any woman the extra oomph they need. 

Checkout Lacely’s extensive collection of push-up bras and find just the right one for yourself.

2) The perfect dome of strength

Padded Bra

For a lot of you, normal bras cannot provide the support that you need. In that case, padding is your ‘dome’ of strength. The padding allows the padded bra to support your breasts, without causing any discomfort.

3) You’re still YOU

Padded Bra

One of the biggest advantages of padded bras is that they reinforce your breasts without affecting your overall body shape. They allow for a naturally flattering figure, no matter what outfit you pick to adorn that day. 

That’s what a bra should be, right? Contouring the curves of your body and providing support so that you can be the best version of yourself.

4) No More Nipple Trouble

Padded Bra

Imagine yourself comfortably sitting with your friends and then suddenly there’s a drop in temperature. One of your body’s natural responses is your nipples becoming erect. 

This situation can be extremely embarrassing for most people and can make you uncomfortable. Why go through all this discomfort when you can easily avoid it by buying one simple thing: a padded bra from Lacely. 

The foam between the cups of padded bras acts as a barrier and prevents your nipples from showing. Now, no matter how cold the weather or how sheer your top, you can feel your best and remain at ease.

5) Keep up with the hype

Padded Bra

Fitted tops and body-hugging outfits are all the rage right now and I can guarantee you that your outfit isn’t complete without a padded bra. 

It would be such a shame if your bomb outfit is ruined by a bra that has its seams poking through the fabric. Don’t worry though, one swipe of your finger will take you to Lacely where you can buy the last piece of your stunning but slightly incomplete outfit, a padded bra suited to your needs and wants. Our padded bra will ensure a seamless, wrinkle-free look to complete all your outfits.

6) A Flattering Finish

Padded Bra

Just like a blanket that doesn’t cover your feet is useless, similarly, a bra that doesn’t give you proper coverage and comfort is pointless. A padded bra will give you the coverage that you need to feel like the sexy and confident woman that you are. 

Lacely offers bras with different types of coverage to complement whatever outfit you choose to wear. Lacely’s bras allow you to choose your bra according to the outfit and not the outfit according to the bra.

7) Equality Everywhere

Padded Bra

First off, having uneven or disproportional breasts is NOT an imperfection. It is normal and those imperfections are what make you unique. 

However, it can cause discomfort to some women and a padded bra can help alleviate that. A double-padded bra has been proven to make your breasts look fuller and proportionate. Anything to feel like a confident queen, am I right?

8) Don’t Stop, Don’t Wait a Minute

Padded Bra

Whether you’re dancing your heart out at a club or running because you’re late for a meeting, sometimes your breasts just refuse to cooperate. They seem to have a mind of their own and the randomized movement can often even become painful. Hmm.. is there something that can help us?

You can probably guess what I’m about to say. Yes, it’s a padded bra! Be it a padded sports bra or a regular bra, padding can significantly help reduce movement. 

Padded bras hold your breasts firmly in place and provide them with extra support. Run to your meeting with confidence and don’t be afraid to show your moves on the dance floor! 

9) A for Armour

Padded Bra

A lot of women have particularly sensitive breasts that can be easy to get hurt. In this case, a padded bra provides them with the protection that they require as well as gratifying relief. 

Even Wonder Woman needed her armour, so don't hesitate to buy yours from the exclusive collection of Lacely! 

10) Firm and Flexible

Padded Bra 

One of the best things about padded bras are how much variety they come in and how flexible they can be in the design. The padding can be water, air, gel, thick foam or water pockets. 

Padding can be removable and adjustable so you can move it around to match what you want and make your bra the perfect custom fit for you. You can also buy bras with different amounts of padding to use on different occasions and have the freedom to look exactly like what you want. 

The sheer amount of variety and adaptability pave the way for a world of comfort and confidence. Don’t wait around to find out what Lacely has to offer. 


  • There have always been multiple myths surrounding padded bras saying that they’re uncomfortable, cannot be worn daily, look unnatural and whatnot.
  • Padded bras help in giving a woman a more natural look and a flattering finish to her outfit by complimenting her overall body shape. The truth is that they’re a wardrobe essential for all women out there and wearing them daily will not harm you in any way, provided that you have picked the right size and fit for you. 
  • For picking the right bra size for you, check out Lacely’s blog, Finding the right bra size and feel like a queen. 
  • If your padded bras leave red marks after they’ve been worn for a long time, it is necessary to change the bra size/brand. Wearing the wrong fit can block the blood circulation around the breasts and can constantly press the breast tissue leading to damage. If you notice rashes or discomfort, you need to switch to a padded bra that’s more accustomed to YOU.
  • Now that you’ve read all our reasons for a padded bra, don’t stall it any further and visit our site lacely.in to shop from the wide variety of padded bras we offer in different sizes, colors, patterns and more!


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